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Ontario High Performance Program
  • My name is Caily.  I’ll be 14 in January 2024.  I’m excited to be part of the Ontario HPP SBX team.  
  • I started skiing when I was 2 and snowboarding at 7.   I started freestyle with Coaches at Pakenham and The Akademy in Ottawa.  I tried my first duel bank slalom and boardercross and was hooked.
  • In 2021-22 I joined the Club Prestige SBX team at Mont Ste. Marie and learned that competing is fun.  Thanks to all the help of my coaches, my team,  my fitness trainer,  teachers and sponsors (like Aspire Academy in Carp), I have made it to the podium in a lot of races.  This has really boosted my confidence – not only in snowboarding but in life as well.  I have learned that if I work hard at something I can win.     
  • My personal goal was to get onto the Ontario Provincial Team - which I did. Whoo hoo.  Now I want to keep getting stronger and better at snowboarding – and one day compete for Canada at international events.  It would be cool to represent Canada.  I was born in 2010 in Vietnam where I was an orphan until my mom adopted me in 2011 and brought me home to Canada.  I’ve had a Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic sweater above my bed since I came home.  Dreaming big! 

My Achievements: 


  • U15 Sir Sam’s - Jan 20 – 1st Place; 
  • U15 Sir Sam’s - Jan 21 - 1st Place;

2022 -23 

  • U15 Nationals  – 1st Place; 
  • Coupe Quebec U14 – 2nd Place; 
  • Ontario Provincial U15 Finals – 2nd Place;  

2021 -22 

  • Craig Leith U11 – 1st Place;  
  • Mont Ste. Marie U11 – 1st Place;  
  • Coupe Quebec U14 – 2nd Place;  
  • Speed Nation U15 – 8th Place;


  • 2020 SBX - Mount Ste. Marie - Grom – 2nd Place
  • 2020 Dual Banked Slalom - Mount Pakenham -  U17 – 2nd Place (they needed an extra girl to even the numbers – they didn’t expect me to keep winning heats)
  • 2020 Duel Banked Slalom. Mount Pakenham – U13 – 2nd Place 
  • 2019 Dual Banked Slalom - Mount Pakenham - Grom – 2nd Place

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