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Hello, my name is Jayden Buckrell, I am currently 20 years old and this past season I was racing on the Ontario Ski Team, I have recently just achieved one of my long-term goals which included committing to the University of New Hampshire to compete in D1 on the NCAA ski circuit which I had been working towards for the better of 4 years.

The past ski season was extremely successful as I finished the year with 30.8 slalom points ranking me 348 in the world and 2nd in North America for 2004 birth year. In giant slalom, I finished the year with 30.6 points ranking me 329 in the world and 4rd for 2004 birth year in North America. As I continue on with my passion for skiing, I am excited to have 4 more years to work towards achieving my ultimate goal of racing for my country on the World Cup. I was recently shortlisted for the new Canadian Development Team. To reach that goal I need to continue competing outside of the University circuit. This requires travel to the Nor-Am competitions as well as extra training and equipment expenses. 

During the off-season, I have been back grinding away in the gym 5 days a week at Active Life Conditioning whom I have been loyal to for my entire athletic career to try and better myself each year. I have also been helping coach young athletes' multisport camps for 3 weeks every summer for the last 5 years. When I am not away racing I spend time at my home club Osler Bluff to inspire young generations of skiers.

 As many people know, ski racing is a very expensive sport and it is a big stretch for my family to support all of the cost. I have teamed up with SAC to try to fundraise $20,000 to help me reach my ski racing goals and dreams of representing my country on the National Ski Team. If you choose to help support my family and I what you will get in return is a tax receipt for the donated money as well as any promotion to the big AOA audience that I have been very involved with over the years. Feel free to check out my Instagram where I have been reaching audiences of 4-6k every video I post.

 Thank you for your time!

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